About us

NGO Oma Tuba is a feminist organisation that runs the independent web magazine Feministeerium, arranges community events for the feminist community, and promotes solidarity, emancipation and social justice through gender equality advocacy in Estonia.

Since 2015, Oma Tuba / Feministeerium works actively with community-building through organising events such as feminist reading groups, writing workshops, mental health workshops for activists, feminist festivals, open lectures and roundtables on feminist issues.  

Web magazine Feministeerium offers a platform for feminist writers in Estonia and abroad, representing a variety of feminist perspectives. Online articles and comments on the news are shared weekly, either in Estonian, Russian or English. In spring 2019, Oma Tuba co-organised the first Women’s March in Tallinn. In autumn 2019, the NGO launched its first Tallinn Feminist Forum (TALFF).

In 2011-2015, Oma Tuba organised the festival LadyFest Tallinn, a central feminist cultural and social event in Estonia. The festival presented cultural practices created by women and raises discussions about women’s position in society. The festival is not organised by Oma Tuba since 2016.

Founded in 2010, Oma Tuba started organising the queer-feminist reading group “Virginia Woolf is not afraid of you”. The Facebook forum “Virginia Woolf is not afraid of you” was initiated later on and has now has developed into the biggest feminist social media forum platform in Estonia. The Facebook forum is not administered by members of Oma Tuba since 2015.

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Name: NGO Oma Tuba

Board members: Aet Kuusik and Nele Laos

National ID: 80317604

For NGO related issues write to omatuba[ät]gmail.com

For Feministeerium.ee related issues write to info[ät]feministeerium.ee

Oma Tuba follows the code of ethics of Estonian nonprofit organizations.